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You should know Central Motor Vehicle Rules

The Motor Vehicles Department has been established under section 213 (1) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This is a Central Act applicable throughout the country. Motor Vehicles Department is mainly responsible for enforcing various provisions of this Act. Motor Vehicles Department is headed by the Transport Commissioner.

Functions Of Motor Vehicle Department

1 Enforce the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 and the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.
2 Ensure a co-ordinated development of Road Transport through the regim of permit.

Levy and collection of tax on Motor Vehicles under the Bombay Motor Vehicles Tax Act, 1959 and on Passengers under the Bombay Motor Vehicles (Transportation of Passengers) Act, 1958.

Activities performed by the Motor Vehicles Department
1 Issue of  Learner's Licence to drive a motor vehicle.  
2 Issue of permanent licence to drive a motor vehicle and renew the same.  
3 Issue Badges to the drivers of Public Service Vehicles like Autorickshaw, Taxis etc
4 Issue International Driving Permits.
5 Issue permits to Stage Carriages.
6 Registration of Motor Vehicles.
7 Assignment of registration mark of this State in respect of vehicles registered in other State and kept for use in this State for a period more than  one year.  
8 Grant Certificate of Fitness to transport vehicles.  
9 Inspect private vehicles which are more than 15 years old and renew the registration.  
10 Issue Permits to Transport Vehicles, counter-sign them and thereby keep control on Transport Vehicles.    
11 Issue of authorisations and permits for National Permit Vehicles.  
12 Issue authorisations and permits for All India Tourist Cabs and Buses.
13 Ensure that the motor vehicles are covered by valid certificates of insurance.  
14 Take action on vehicle owners not complying with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act and the Tax Act.  
15 Levy and collect Motor Vehicles Tax as provided under the Bombay Motor Vehicles Tax Act, 1958 and enforce the related provisions.  
16 Levy and collect the tax on passengers under the Bombay Motor Vehicles (Taxation on Passengers) Act, 1958 and inforcement the related provisions.
17 Prepare and up-date office record pertaining to all the above activities.

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